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    Desk made of strong birch plywood. The desk height can be set between 45cm and 70cm


    The Adensen Smart comes with a desk for school works, which height can be set between 45cm and 74cm. The table is 107cm long and 66cm wide. The desk can be purchased with or without drawers.


    An innovative set that grows with the baby. Adensen Smart (formerly known as Smart Kid) furniture modules allow you to use one set until your child is a teen. From a crib and a drawer unit with changing table to a junior bed, desk and whiteboard.


    A bed with a minimalist style of 160 x 70 (cm) is part of the Smart Kid furniture set.


    The Smart Wooden Cot is a minimalist style bed with measurements 160 x 70 (cm) which is part of the Adensen Smart furniture set.


    A crib with a railing is a good solution for making the most of space, and you can store everything you need right away under the bed.


    A modest yet durable bunk bed is the perfect solution for a growing baby.


    The Cradle & Rocking Horse Set consists of a multifunctional crib and a rocking horse that can also be used on the cradle.
    Most of the day, baby stays in the cradle. In this cradle, children are falling asleep much faster if you can swing them in addition to their sleep song. Such a clean and timeless cradle would make your parents and yourself jealous.
    A purebred and durable Estonian horse swing, with which each child should ride at least once in their lifetime. And the moment when the child does not swing with it (quite rarely) it is a perfect design element.
    Durable and elegant bed for the most demanding.


    Minimalist and robust headboard bed.


    Wooden construction tractor Tõnu is a diligent machine. But before playing, the child can assemble and paint the tractor with Mommy and Daddy. And when the new paint is dry, you can get your tractor working on the field and get to work. All that matters is that the child can learn by playing.
    The wooden constructor truck Villi provides activities for the baby as well as mom and dad. The truck must be assembled and painted before playing. By doing this, the child can learn by play.