Adensen Furniture Items

Adensen Furniture Items

A furniture set that grows with your baby. By re-seting the details  you can use that furniture until your child’s in early teens. The crib with storage unit and changing table becomes to a bed, desk with a drawer unit and blackboard.

The Cradle and the Horse is perfect for a family that loves minimalistic style and practicality. We have added several extra functions to this unique furniture set to give more value for the money.

The Adensen Classic product line includes standard beds “Tango and Tango Plus” and various bunk beds. Like the rest of the furniture, the beds in the Classic range are made of strong birch wood.

Put together an awesome truck or tractor with your child, paint it off and play can start! The child gets involved in and learns from the creation process, and it also increases their interest in the toy.

Adensen’s constructors are made of wood, which makes them more durable and safe for children (and nature).