Cradle & Rocking Horse

The Cradle & Rocking Horse Set consists of a multifunctional crib and a rocking horse that can also be used on the cradle.

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The Cradle and the Horse is perfect for a family that loves minimalistic style and practicality. Swing legs can be used as desired on horse or crib. For parents' comfort and multifunctionality, the baby cradle also has a blackboard and diaper function (see pictures). Later, when the child is older, the crib can be used as a toy box. The cradle can be placed in two different heights: 33cm and 16cm. 

The cradle and horse kit have a total of 4 functions:

  • cradle (cot)
  • toy box
  • blackboard
  • rocking horse

The cradle is made of strong birch wood and, confident in the quality of the product, we have a 10-year warranty on the cradle.

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Dark brown, Natural, White

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