Wooden Tractor DIY

Wooden construction tractor Tõnu is a diligent machine. But before playing, the child can assemble and paint the tractor with Mommy and Daddy. And when the new paint is dry, you can get your tractor working on the field and get to work. All that matters is that the child can learn by playing.


Starting at 3 per monthChoose Liisi from the payment options


Tractor Tõnu can’t wait to get to work. Tõnu is always ready for work, even faster than others. If Mommy and Daddy help the child assemble and paint the tractor, then Tõnu can deliver even the heaviest loads. It has so much more power and durability than other tractors, that its power is measured not in horsepower but in child power (cp). This power has been achieved with new technology, which is very environmentally friendly and not too expensive, so there is no need to apply for agricultural support to buy Tõnu.



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