Why Choose Multifunctional Children’s Furniture?

Children’s room furniture – what kind? Why?

So many choices, so many options … What should a nursery room look like? We know!
But what kind of furniture? Be it more or less room in the children’s room, we have realized that the child should have as much space as possible to play on the floor. So, the furniture in the nursery should be more compact. Lord, how much furniture is needed in the nursery, is something more compact and “crafty” on offer? Multifunctional furniture is also a solution but it is so expensive, is it still?
What’s up there, let’s find out!

Children’s furniture with one or more functions?

There are different modular furniture for school children, both individual solutions and complete solutions. However, there is little multifunctional furniture. Parents also prefer children’s furniture (study), whose functionality can be modified according to the child’s age and needs. For children’s room furniture, safety and functionality are important, which is logical.
Ease of use, multi-purpose and portability are considered important functionalities. Safety included handling stability, non-allergenic materials and no risk of falling.

Adensen Smart

Multifunctional children’s furniture that grows with the child is functional and safe and grows with the child. Is that even possible?
Adensen Smart proves it is completely possible. This is the best example of a functional and safe children’s furniture that really grows with the baby. Adensen Smart has so many features that it is sufficient for both toddler and school-age children. Adensen Smart consists of multifunctional modules that fulfill the function of cradle, bed, whiteboard, dresser, changing table, height adjustable desk and toy box. And Adensen Smart is made of natural birch wood and strong birch plywood in Estonia. You believe it, Estonia is not just an IT country, we can do something amazing with our own hands!
Adensen Smart is the ideal solution for homes with little space. Or more space, all alone.

Where’s that “catch”? Price?

No, the price is only 590 €, which at first glance seems expensive, but re-read these features and think about how many different pieces of furniture Adensen Smart does. Incredible, right? We even made a comparison where we compared our Adensen Smart set with ordinary traditional children’s furniture. We matched the Adensen Smart furniture set with decent furniture that meets the same standards.

Ordinary furniture Smart Kid
Cot + mattress 250€
Chest of drawers with diaper 200€
Desk with drawers 210€
Bed + mattress 260€
Whiteboard 45€
Together: 965€ 590€

That’s incredible! The price difference is over 350 € and Adensen Smart saves space, is a practical and so awesome solution that still makes mothers sting and envy.

Want to make other moms jealous? You are welcome! (read about Adensen Smart)