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Adensen Furniture is a furniture manufacturing Startup.

We are a family company, which has set a goal to do something unique furnishings – giving a single product with many features, such as smartphones. We produce this natural birch and strong birch plywood coated with water-based varnishes and stains.

A set of “gray and Horse” for the smallest television. The child grows installed in the cradle and the cradle of the runners with horses you can use the toy box. The kit is the creator of a great designer Pavel Sidorenko!

Smart Kid
Children grow up quickly. At first, only need a cradle, this is Smardil 108 * 67 large. The bottom of the cradle can be adjusted to three different heights. To have a comfortable baby dress clothes and keep a chest of drawers for baby change facilities. (Smardiga comes to the wrapping table placed a soft mähkimisalus.) A child grows you can easily Harmonised rearranging parts Smardi-board storage compartment with a chalk scrawl. Asjaikuks game board, and the more serious school work can put together a desk. (Working level can be adjusted in two heights.), A chest of drawers can be placed on the desk beside or below.

If the cradle and the drawers have become a new feature, there is a bed with dimensions of 70 * 160 cm. The kit also comes with a two-piece spring mattress that fits in the cradle, and then to bed. under the bed Two wheels bulky boxes to store toys or bedding.

This is a smart Kid- furniture set, with six features – a crib, bed, board-storage, a chest of drawers for baby change facilities, desk, toy boxes.

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The production of a square stylus, cradle. Smart manufacture in two basic shades – natural birch and white. Drawer fronts can do as well as natural, white, pink, blue, brown, and what the customer wants. Smart will cost 475 euros. Two-piece mattress and mähkimisalus included in the kit and is included in the price. Plus shipping.

Risto Must – Sales Manager

Adensen Furniture
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